The First Xenobiology Conference (XB1)
May 6th-8th 2014 – Genoa, Italy

Xenobiology (XB) is the endeavor to overcome the constraints imposed by evolution on natural living organisms. It is an emerging field in the context of synthetic biology, encompassing the design, generation and evolution of alternative forms of life.The foundational conference XB1 aims to gather scientists, engineers, designers, policy makers and other stakeholders to chart the paths toward an entirely novel biodiversity.
A major  goal  of the  XB1  conference  participants  will  be to assess how alternative life should be designed to reserve human health and the environment. With  this  in  mind,  sessions  of  XB1  will  be  devoted  to  plan experimental  tasks  for diversifying  nucleic  acid propagation, reprogramming  proteins, expanding  metabolism and assembling ecosystems de novo. The prospect of further diversifying the Earth’s biosphere challenges current worldviews and  raises  new  ethical  and  philosophical  issues  while  stimulating  industrial  innovation and artistic creativity.
The  venue  for  the  XB1  conference  was  chosen  in  the  hope  that Genoa’s  illustrious citizen  Christopher  Columbus  will  inspire the exploration  of  yet  unknown  continents  of life.

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